At Last!  4 Free Harken Parts Right Here—Just for Being a Blockhead.

(Yep. They really are free. And yep, there is a catch…in fact, there are lots of them!)


We Harkenites have bunches of new ideas for equipment to help your boat work better and your sailing results improve. But over time we’ve discovered there’s occasionally a big difference between a really good idea and a really successful product. Around here, we’ve got lists of ideas we’ve been working on that for one reason or another will probably never make it to a store.

Recently, we designed a few line guards. These are designed to prevent other lines from sliding in there and SNARLING up your sheet blocks. In boats where there is a lot of sheet on the floor and not very much foot room, like the Laser or the Sunfish, this can ruin your whole race. You never really get over that!

We found out that these guards need a lot of customization to make them work perfectly—more than people like to confront when they buy something. We know these guards fit Harken ratchet blocks perfectly. They snap on and they stay on until you want to take them off. But sailors are different heights. Some hike harder than others. All this variation results in the need to customize the guards to meet individual situations.

So rather than scrap these ideas, we’re giving ‘em away.

Watch the video to see what’s involved. If you have a 3D printer, you can output a couple and try them out. We know they can help you get around the course faster—if you’re willing to put in the time to master them.

And they’re free! So, check out the video. And do yourself a favor: Don’t go printing these out without permission!


Download the Instructions


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