Since day one, we’ve filled harkenblockheads.com with hundreds of tips and videos to help you build your skills. It’s your turn to share. We’re in search of the best sailing advice ever. Enter your best tip in the Think Like a Blockhead Contest for a chance to win a fabulous prize package worth over $180! Everyone in sailing school will be envious of your new red ratchet block.

How to Enter:

  1. Become a Blockhead
  2. Fill out the “Think Like A Blockhead” online contest entry form here:
  3. Hit send. That’s it! On March 1, we’ll pick one entry at random from all those received. The contest is open to Harken Blockheads members who are 24 years old and younger. Good Luck.




Until this very moment, the spiky-haired, cool glasses, big attitude Blockheads face man has not had a name.


Contest: Name The Blockhead!

Here at Harken, we’re facing an ENORMOUS CHALLENGE. The spiky-haired, cool glasses, big attitude Blockheads face man-who-shall-remain-nameless…remains nameless.

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January Trivia Contest

Take a swing at the monthly Harken Blockheads Trivia Contest: 👉 Question: How is it possible for some

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Aiden Martin Is the ‘First Blockhead To The Island’

Aiden Martin Is the ‘First Blockhead To The Island’ in the 2019 Chicago Yacht Club Race to Mackinac

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