Do you need to replace or upgrade a part on your boat? There can be a lot of options to choose from, but we’ve got a resource to help you out! This infographic shows you exactly what part goes where on the Opti. The red numbers show the Harken part numbers of the blocks and other equipment. Use this tool whenever you’re curious about where parts go or if you need a replacement.

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Optimist Systems:


Reeve Spectra® line through a snap clip to attach this trick block to the bridle. Use the same line to form a becket on which to deadend the mainsheet.


The Opti hook-in block allows sailors to precisely adjust halyard tension. Glass-filled nylon shell saddles mast to keep block aligned. Free-rolling 16 mm sheave with stainless steel balls handles high loads.


Harken Hook-in Halyard Block available through an Optiparts dealer. Dealer listings at

About the Optimist:

program because of the city’s flat terrain, they looked for a sailing alternative. In 1947 Clark Mills designed the Optimist Pram, a home-built plywood dinghy that cost less than $50. It caught on quickly. In 1958, Axel Damgaard brought the trainer to Denmark where it was modified and renamed the International Optimist Dinghy. Today, this eight-foot, sprit-rigged boat is the only International Sailing Federation approved dinghy for sailors under 16 years of age.

Boat Specifications

Length: 7 ft 61/2 in (2.31 m)
Width: 3 ft 8 in (1.13 m)
Weight: 77 lb (35 kg)
Sail Area: 33 sq ft (3 sq m)

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