Lauren Topchik is a 20-year-old Blockhead from Portland, Maine with a goal of sailing around the world. She’s the proud new owner of S.V. Cita, a keelboat given to her by a stranger who heard about her dream and wanted to help her gain boat ownership experience along the way. Since she got Cita last summer, she’s been working on it nonstop, learning everything she can, and sailing at every opportunity.

“I have learned so much from Cita! Electrical work, rigging, upholstery, varnishing, and beyond. Maintenance is an important part of boat ownership, and, in my opinion, all part of the fun of sailing! I feel like I have learned skills that will help me achieve my dream of circumnavigation and will help me throughout non-sailing life too. Learning how to care for my boat has been a huge part of my journey so far,” said Lauren. “Never in a million years did I expect to be gifted a sailboat, but by voicing my goals and staying determined, things started to fall into place for me!”

How inspirational is she!

Watch the Harken Blockheads Instagram story to check out some of her boat maintenance projects:




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