Harken Blockheads celebrates kids who are into rigging, boat maintenance, tuning, and using tools — for gains, both on the water and off.

“Sailing teaches you stuff you’ll use forever. I used knots I learned on the water to tie some lumber securely to the roof rack of my car recently, and I have a lifetime of familiarity with tools, paints, adhesives and the other stuff that kept my boats together and afloat. Sailing prepares kids for life.” Read the Sailing Magazine article about life lessons from our sport: http://bit.ly/2Mtz1O2


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Aiden Martin Is the ‘First Blockhead To The Island’

Aiden Martin Is the ‘First Blockhead To The Island’ in the 2019 Chicago Yacht Club Race to Mackinac

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A Blockhead Tours Harken

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Part Science. Part Art. Producing Custom Parts at Harken

Small Boat sailors think of Harken for parts like ratchet blocks and travelers and cam cleats. But we

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The Rigger’s Craft—Into the Eye…of an Eye Splice

An eye splice works just like an Asian finger trap, capturing the tail inside the cover. To be

What exactly is a Blockhead? If you are totally obsessed with how to rig and sail your boat, you might already be one! Join the community of Blockheads to learn more about the sport, engage with others and share sailing experiences. This site serves as the hub for Blockheads globally, where you can discover how to join, media, tips and tricks, contests, and events. This program is all about YOU and we want to hear from everyone! Not seeing something? Your feedback is crucial, feel free to shoot us a comment or message.