Take a swing at the monthly Harken Blockheads Trivia Contest:

👉 Question:

How is it possible for some sailboats to go faster than the wind?

👉 Answer: 

Sailboats can go faster than the ambient wind because of apparent wind. Once sailing, they essentially generate their own wind. Want to learn more? Watch this video:


👏 Winner:

Our lucky winner this month was Max Shiel! His name was randomly drawn from the list of correct names, and he won a Blockheads Dry Bag and Brandana.



Contest: Name The Blockhead!

Here at Harken, we’re facing an ENORMOUS CHALLENGE. The spiky-haired, cool glasses, big attitude Blockheads face man-who-shall-remain-nameless…remains nameless.


January Trivia Contest

The deadline to enter is January 28, 2021. One lucky sailor will be drawn randomly from the list


November Trivia Contest

The deadline to enter was November 24, 2020. 👉 Question: Who holds the circumnavigation record for the Vendée


September Trivia Contest

The deadline to enter is September 29, 2020. One lucky sailor will be drawn randomly from the list

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