Until this very moment, the spiky-haired, cool glasses, big attitude Blockheads face man has not had a name. We thought…Darn it, he deserves better! So we asked you!

Thanks to all of your wonderful ideas, we found one that fits PERFECTLY. We’d like to introduce you to…



Also known as Schmict-meister. The Schmictivator. Schmicts. Schmicty. And The Schmict.

Schmicter is a man of few words. In fact we’ve never heard a peep out of him—so far anyway.

Stay tuned for more adventures with Schmicter the Blockhead. And congratulations to Blockhead Susie R. for her perfect idea!



Contest: Name The Blockhead!

Here at Harken, we’re facing an ENORMOUS CHALLENGE. The spiky-haired, cool glasses, big attitude Blockheads face man-who-shall-remain-nameless…remains nameless.


The Think Like a Blockhead Contest

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Aiden Martin Is the ‘First Blockhead To The Island’

Aiden Martin Is the ‘First Blockhead To The Island’ in the 2019 Chicago Yacht Club Race to Mackinac

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