Kevin Morin is the first person to come up with the first fully automated sailing buoy. Now, he and the MarkSetBot team have gone even further and have introduced the first fully automated sailing race course. No race committee boats necessary.

As the pandemic was forcing change upon race committee teams around the world, Kevin had been poking at his invention and pushing his idea even further. We wanted to know about his process. What it’s like to come up with an idea, trust that it’s a good one, and eventually see it take off? Watch the video to learn how he revolutionized the way races are run.


If you’d like to cast your vote in the World Sailing 11th Hour Racing Sustainability Award, visit this link: www.sailing.org/news/11HRSustainabilityAwardVote. A fully automated race course means zero emissions from mark boats, zero damage to the seabed, and zero risk for fuel-related incidents.


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