>>> ATTENTION: After having received 100+ compelling applications, we have decided to close entries for the Miami iteration of the Foiling Week / Harken Kidz Trials. We have selected the top 8 applications and have since contacted those selected. All applicants can expect a follow up email notifying them of the close of this application. The Harken team thanks every single youth sailor who entered for taking the time and sharing your unique sailing experiences with us. <<<

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Until this very moment, the spiky-haired, cool glasses, big attitude Blockheads face man has not had a name.


Contest: Name The Blockhead!

Here at Harken, we’re facing an ENORMOUS CHALLENGE. The spiky-haired, cool glasses, big attitude Blockheads face man-who-shall-remain-nameless…remains nameless.


The Think Like a Blockhead Contest

WANTED: BLOCKHEADED IDEAS Since day one, we’ve filled harkenblockheads.com with hundreds of tips and videos to help you

Contest, Trivia

January Trivia Contest

Take a swing at the monthly Harken Blockheads Trivia Contest: 👉 Question: How is it possible for some

What exactly is a Blockhead? If you are totally obsessed with how to rig and sail your boat, you might already be one! Join the community of Blockheads to learn more about the sport, engage with others and share sailing experiences. This site serves as the hub for Blockheads globally, where you can discover how to join, media, tips and tricks, contests, and events. This program is all about YOU and we want to hear from everyone! Not seeing something? Your feedback is crucial, feel free to shoot us a comment or message.