Every quad, Cup, round-the-world race, and major world championship, Harken is listening — We’re on the docks chatting with the athletes about what’s working and what’s not. We want to know: How are the systems performing and underperforming? We ask smart sailors, and we listen.

Sometimes the improvements we find are major. Sometimes they’re tiny. But when you’re At The Front like Stephanie Roble & Maggie Shea, those 1% or 2% performance gains can mean all the difference. So we keep chasing them.

At a recent 49erFX World Championship, we were walking through the boat park and caught up with Steph and Maggie. They showed us a frustrating jib sheet cleat. We listened and went to work chasing those small gains. So we made the new Harken 9051 Adjustable Angle Swivel Cam Base. It’s just a tiny piece of equipment, but it’ll be one less thing for teams to worry about when aiming for the podium in Tokyo.


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