Peter Burling on His Youth Years

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Repair, Video

Repairing Your Dinghy Centerboard

Learn the fundamentals of filling-in and patching-up damage to your dinghy’s centerboard. Finish the job in part two:

Repair, Video

Addressing Spider Cracks

Learn how to treat wear-induced spider cracks that appear along the hull of your dinghy. If not managed,

Repair, Video

Gel Coat Repair 101

Follow along and learn how to repair common types of damage to the gel coat layer on the

Will You Be The Fastest Blockhead To Mackinac Island?

Register for the First Blockhead to the Island Award

The 110th Chicago Yacht Club Race to Mackinac® presents an exclusive award given to the first Blockhead to reach the island. You must be a member of Blockheads before the race begins in order to be eligible for this award. Sign up for your free membership today and let us know which boat you are racing on. Already a member? Fill out the same form, including your member ID number, if possible, and boat info, to be entered for the award. The First Blockhead to the Island Award will be presented at the awards party on Tuesday, July 24, on Mackinac Island. Sail fast!
USODA National Championship

What exactly is a Blockhead? If you are totally obsessed with how to rig and sail your boat, you might already be one! Join the community of Blockheads to learn more about the sport, engage with others and share sailing experiences. This site serves as the hub for Blockheads globally, where you can discover how to join, media, tips and tricks, contests, and events. This program is all about YOU and we want to hear from everyone! Not seeing something? Your feedback is crucial, feel free to shoot us a comment or message.